Every user needs at least one instance. That's your own dedicated in the cloud that hosts the training data as well as the necessary services to run the predictions. Putting your data and the engine in the same space makes things secure - your data is never shared with anybody else in any way.

The instances, teams and payment methods are managed in the Console. One owner can have multiple instances of different types (however only one free Sandbox per user), and owners can invite team members to paid instances.

Get going by hitting "Create new instance" button in the right corner!

Instance Overview

Instance overview page contains the most important details for using the instance.

API URL and API keys are needed to connect with other services and access your predictions. Note that both read-only and read and write keys are available. Use them wisely, please.

You can add new data by dropping a CSV file in the upload section.

Metrics display your progress towards the instance limits. Each instance tier has it's own limits, check the latest tiers from our website.

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