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Getting started with is absolutely easiest with Airtable, and using our Instant Predictions extension. The extension is available for free from the Airtable Marketplace, and it automates all the steps of creating datasets and making predictions. You'll get results without a single line of code.

Different ways to use machine learning can be used in various ways, depending on your needs and the level of coding experience. These are the most common ways:

  • Airtable extension - our Airtable extension is truly no-code. The best starting point for most.

  • Console - Our web console is needed in all cases to maintain your cloud instance, teams and payment methods. But it also supports uploading datasets, testing predictions and making evaluations.

  • Python SDK - Our Python SDK is an easy to use wrapper for the full API, and simplifies many steps in the process. This is the preferred way for example when using Python-native Automation platforms such as Robocorp.

  • API - Sometimes the easiest way is just to make HTTP calls straight to's API. This is most commonly used from various workflow automation tools, such as Integromat/Make, Zapier, UiPath, Parabola, MS Power Automate and many more.

  • Command Line Interface - well yeah. You can do that too.

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