Airtable Instant Predictions extension brings machine learning to every no-coder right inside the Airtable base.

Instant Predictions extension is available for Airtable through the Marketplace here. Instant Predictions extension has the following features:

  • AI-powered autocomplete - Speed up manual data entry by getting suggestions for field values or tags based on your own historic data.

  • Intelligent actions - Automate workflows by predicting things like who should handle a customer service ticket, new lead or approve purchase invoices.

  • Find more things like this - Uncover hidden links in your data and get suggestions for similar records, whether it's freelancers for a project or customers to target with a campaign.

  • Discover insights - coming soon

In order to provide machine learning predictions, it connects your Airtable data from a selected view to your instance in the cloud. No data transformations or feature engineering is needed, simply hitting the "sync" button.

Work continues! We are constantly developing the Airtable extension, so please be sure to check back often for new features.

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